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Reduce the Cost of Illness

Every year, sick workers cost companies as much as $225 billion in lost productivity, higher healthcare expenses and increased absenteeism due to contagious illnesses. Proper and cleaning protocols that include disinfecting can help translate to:

  • Fewer janitorial man hours burned
  • Fewer sick employees
  • Fewer absent students and teachers
  • More productivity
  • More revenue
  • More cost savings

Absenteeism Calculator

Illness costs money and takes a toll in countless ways on your business.

  Example Your Organization
Total number of employees 2,000
x x
Cost of illness absenteeism
per employee
$1,0111 $1,011
Total annual cost of
absenteeism due to illness
x x
Reduction in absenteeism 46%2 46%
Potential Savings $930,120

Do the Math. Do the Right Thing.

Infectious diseases cost the U.S. $120 billion3 and employers $225.8 billion1 per year. On average, workplace absenteeism due to personal illness costs U.S. businesses $1,011 per employee per year.1

1. "Work Illness and Injury Costs U.S. Employers $225.8 Billion Annually," CDC Foundation,     January 28, 2015 ($1,685 per employee x 60% due to worker illness).

2. "Impact of an infection control program in a specialized preschool," Krilov, Leonard R. et al.     American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 24, Issue 3, 167–173, June 1996.

3. "Blueprint for a Healthier America," Trust for America's Health, October 19, 2016.

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