Restroom Solutions

The right product for the job. Better results for your business. Support from a trusted partner in clean.

Restroom Solutions

The right product for the job. Better results for your business. Support from a trusted partner in clean.

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Source: Clorox Professional Products Company and Opinion Research Corporation (March 2013). Restroom Pet Peeves Omnibus Survey (survey of 1,005 U.S. adults).

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Q: I just cleaned the bathroom, why does it still smell?

A: Urine is composed of waste products including urea, uric acid, sodium chloride (salt), excess water and other waste. The immediate odor from urine comes from bacteria that feed on urine. Uric acid crystals (crystalized urine residue) often remain in porous surfaces, and will emit an “ammonia” odor with time. Humid conditions or wetting the surface can also reactivate the odor.

Q: Can I use Clorox® Urine Remover for more than just removing urine?

A: Yes – Clorox® Urine Remover can be used to clean gross filth and soil in many locations not just in a bathroom. This formula is optimal for organic (protein-based) stains. Protein-based stains include human stains such as blood, vomit, and feces.

Q: Will Clorox® Urine Remover damage my restroom’s surfaces?

A: Clorox® Urine Remover is recommended for hard-to-clean porous surfaces and soft surfaces as well as hard surfaces, but is not recommended for brass or natural marble. For painted surfaces, test for colorfastness on a small area before use.

Q: I do not want more than one product to clean counter tops – does Clorox have a solution for me?

A: Clorox® Anywhere® Hard Surface Sanitizer is safe for surfaces that water will not harm!

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Let’s Get to Work

Cleaning and disinfecting a restroom is a serious challenge. Using the right products can save time and money.


  • Close the restroom
  • Dust surfaces, sweep floor
  • Empty trash, restock items


toilet bowl: clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach
urine stains and odors: clorox urine remover
additional surfaces: clorox disinfecting bathroom cleaner
mirrors: formula 409 glass and surface cleaner
mold: tilex disinfects instant mildew remover
floor: pine sol multi surface cleaner


  • Inspect restroom
  • Remove cleaning supplies
  • Open restroom to public
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