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Clorox Healthcare® Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant
and Deodorizer

Kill Microorganisms on Soft and Hard Surfaces and Eliminate
Odors Instantly

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Clorox Healthcare® Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant and Deodorizer
(12/14 oz.)

Quick Facts

Kill Pathogens that Cause HAIs and Eliminate Odors Wherever They Are

  • Soft Surfaces: Kills 
    bacteria on fabrics, including
    curtains and upholstered
    furniture, in 30 seconds

  • Hard Surfaces: Disinfects 24
    microorganisms on hard,
    nonporous surfaces in 5 minutes

  • Air: Eliminates odors at the
    source and features a light citrus

Eliminate Bacteria from Soft Surfaces in 30 Seconds

Soft surfaces can harbor dangerous pathogens for up to 90 days. Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant is EPA-registered to kill bacteria on soft surfaces in just 30 seconds. To help prevent the spread of pathogens that can contribute to HAIs, regularly spray** Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant on fabric or upholstered surfaces including:

            • Privacy curtains
            • Upholstered furniture
            • Cushions
            • Lab coats
            • Linens

**Use as directed.
Allow to air dry before use.

Disinfect Hard Surfaces in 5 Minutes

Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant is EPA-registered to kill 24 microorganisms on hard, nonporous surfaces in 5 minutes. Just spray and let air dry on equipment such as:

            • Light switches
            • Telephone receivers
            • Remote controls
            • Wheelchairs
            • Empty wastebaskets
            • Supply carts
            • Bathroom basins

Eliminate Odors 

While other products may mask odors, Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant destroys odors completely by killing the bacteria that cause them. Its light citrus scent disappears rapidly to leave patient areas, bathrooms, waiting areas, fabrics, drapes and furniture smelling fresh and clean.

Prevent Mold and Mildew on Fabrics

Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on fabrics like privacy curtains, drapes and upholstered furniture. Repeat use regularly to prevent regrowth.

More Spray Time

Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant 14 oz. pressurized spray offers longer spray time than other aerosol sprays.

Citrace®, 14 oz. 550 The most spray time††
Professional Lysol® Brand III, 19 oz. 375 32% less spray time
Professional Amphyl® II, 13 oz. 273 50% less spray time

†† Source: Lab testing determined the number of 1-second sprays per can.

Meets CDC and OSHA Standards

Citrace® Hospital Disinfectant meets CDC guidelines for Universal and Standard Precautions and OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards for healthcare worker safety.

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