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Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® System

The Power of Ultraviolet Technology—for Even Better,
More Comprehensive Surface Coverage in Hospitals

Successfully used by over 300 hospitals and four of the top five IDNs across the US.


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Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV
Enlight® System

Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® System

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Quick Facts

With HAIs on the rise, you need a surface solution that's effective, high quality, and affordable

Go above and beyond, by supplementing routine manual environmental cleaning and disinfection protocols with advanced ultraviolet technology, so that you can ensure that your facility and patients are better protected against deadly pathogens.

Successfully Implemented for Better Patient Protection

  • Over 500 Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® Systems are in use in US healthcare facilities.
  • This includes over 300 hospitals in more than 40 states.
  • Optimum-UV Enlight® Systems are used in 5 of the top 10 IDNs* (including four of the top five) in the US.

* Measured by net patient revenue

How It Works

Short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) kills microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. The Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® System delivers a programmed dose of UV-C light to inactivate pathogens on hospital surfaces.*


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* When incorporated with routine cleaning and disinfection protocols



A Closer Look at Ultraviolet Light

Strong Performance

Kills C. difficile and other HAI-causing pathogens.**


  • 4-log reduction of C. difficile spores, as well as 7 viruses, in 5 minutes at 8 feet
  • Greater than 5-log reduction of over 20 pathogens—including MRSA, VRE and CRE—in 5 minutes at 8 feet

** Based on third-party laboratory micro-efficacy data

User-Friendly Design


  • Simple and easy to use, including intuitive touchscreen interface and effortless maneuverability
  • Durable, for regular use within hospital environments
  • Safety-focused, including infrared motion sensors and polymer-encapsulated UV lamps



  • Priced optimally, with end users in mind
  • Maximum-output UV-C lamps deliver high performance at lower cost

Ongoing Support


  • Workflow consultation to identify solutions to potential issues and properly train staff
  • Regular maintenance with various warranty packages
  • PR support via communication materials for staff, patient and community awareness of HAI reduction efforts

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A Winning Partnership


Clorox Healthcare has partnered with UVDI, a leader in ultraviolet technology, to bring the Optimum-UV Enlight® System to market.

  • Trusted history: UVDI is a third-generation family-owned business with over 60 years of history in product design, development and manufacturing.

  • Commitment to quality and design: UVDI is ISO 9001-2008 certified and promotes a strong Six Sigma culture that permeates every manufacturing process and activity. The Optimum-UV Enlight® System is an EPA-registered device (EPA Est. No. 73542-CA-001).

  • Leadership in R&D and technology: UVDI has built one of the most comprehensive research, development and engineering capabilities in UV technology.

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