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Get Glad® strength with less plastic waste*.


Quick Facts

Tackle Waste with Stronger Bags That Use Less Plastic*

  • Glad® Trash Bags are designed to be stronger while using less plastic
  • Glad® ForceFlex® Bags are tear-resistant with less plastic
  • Glad® OdorShield® Bags neutralize strong odors with less plastic
  • Glad® Recycled, Recycling and Compostable Bags make it easy to contribute to a cleaner environment

Glad® Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

  • Reinforcing bands add strength using less plastic compared with a leading branded bag
  • Sturdy garbage bags with three-layer drawstring closure
  • Bags close with one quick pull of the drawstring
  • Easy to use, lift and toss away

Glad® ForceFlex® Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

  • The unique diamond texture of ForceFlex® bags stretches around objects to prevent rips and tears
  • Durable bag protects against leaks and trash messes
  • The drawstring grips the can so the bag stays in place
  • Made with less plastic than other flex-type bags

Glad® OdorShield® Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

  • OdorShield® technology with Febreze® neutralizes strong odors and leaves behind a fresh clean scent
  • Reinforcing bands add strength while reducing plastic waste
  • Strong three-layer drawstring closure makes bags easy to lift, carry and toss away

Glad® Tall Kitchen Quick-Tie® Trash Bags

  • Dependable, easy tie flaps keep bag securely shut
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • 13-gallon size fits tall garbage bins

Glad® ForceFlex® Extra Strong Drawstring Large Trash Bags

  • Unique diamond texture stretches around objects to prevent rips and tears
  • Strong, three-layer drawstring cinches to make closing easy and dependable
  • Large 30-gallon size can handle big trash loads

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