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Hidden Valley® Ranch Bottled Products

The Beloved Original Ranch® Brand 

From the valley to your table — We made it first. We made it right™.

Bottled Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing
(52 oz.)

Quick Facts

Make everything taste better
with Original Ranch®

  • Condiment of choice
  • The taste customers want

Attract Customers with the Brand They Love

Hidden Valley® has been a favorite ranch dressing for more than 50 years.

Pure Ranch flavor from
the folks who invented it.

Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® dressing is made with quality ingredients — a perfect blend of herbs, spices and buttermilk.

The Original Ranch® that makes everything taste better

People choose ranch dressing more than ketchup when they reach for their favorite condiment.

Hidden Valley® Bottled Products Shelf Life

Our policy is to ship all SKUs to arrive at our customers' warehouses with at least 90 days' shelf life remaining.

Shelf life: Please refer to the "Best if Used By" date on the product packaging 
(for example, 16 JAN15).

Sample code: CTG1  
C = Production/packaging line
T = Shelf life reference
G1 = Plant location

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