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America's No. 1 Charcoal Brand

From signature charcoal made with natural ingredients to hickory and mesquite
wood chips, there’s a Kingsford® product for your every grilling need.


Quick Facts

Fire It Up with the #1
Best-selling Charcoal

  • Superior quality and performance
  • Reduces labor costs by lighting faster
  • Burns longer to give you better value

Superior Quality & Performance

Kingsford® Charcoal is made with premium wood char and raw materials so that it lights faster & burns longer than other charcoals.1

Kingsford® is the leading manufacturer of charcoal, reducing waste by converting more than 1 million tons of wood scraps into quality charcoal briquettes.

Reduces Labor Costs

Kingsford® Charcoal lights faster than other leading charcoals, helping your employees save time, maximize productivity and reduce labor costs.2

Better Value

By burning longer, Kingsford® Charcoal requires less charcoal to be used versus the competition, so you can get more done with one bag.3

1 Compared to store brands
2 2009 Division Lab Testing (2010 Product) / 2008 Competitive Product Pick-up
3 2009 Division Lab Testing (2010 Product) / 2008 Competitive Product Pick-up

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