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Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover

A Fast-Acting Drainage Solution

Eliminate clogs and solve drainage issues quickly in busy workplaces,
where time is money.

Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover
(6/80 oz.)

Quick Facts

Clear Clogs With a Fast-Acting Formula

  • Heavy duty formula works on a variety of clogs
  • Ready-to-use, one-step solution
  • Safe on pipes

Heavy Duty Performance

The heavy duty formula in Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover heads straight to the clog and gets to work immediately to clear the toughest fully clogged and slow running drains.

One Formula for Many Clogs

The active ingredients make quick work
of a variety of clogs caused by hair, food soils, grease and other materials that slow drains.

liquid plumr drain chain2

One-Step Solution

Save time and labor costs with a ready-to-use formula that doesn't require mixing. Just pour it into the drain and let the heavy duty formula go to work.

Safe on Pipes and Effective on Clogs

Liquid-Plumr® Heavy Duty Clog Remover cuts through clogs while remaining safe for disposals, septic tanks and plastic pipes.


  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms

Directions for Use

Slowly pour the product according to the directions into the drain opening, allow to work for 15 minutes, then flush with hot tap water.

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