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About Clorox Professional Products Company

You've probably seen our consumer products on store shelves or have our products in your homes. What you may not realize is our first customers were professionals who needed commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions. The company began by creating products to meet the needs of professionals and we've never lost sight of our heritage, which resonates with us to this day and carries on with our professional portfolio of products.

Each year we spend 2 percent of our annual sales, approximately $100 million, in Research and Development to make sure every product we sell meets the high standards of performance that are expected from The Clorox Company. Recognized and trusted for decades, each Clorox brand reflects a heritage of quality and experience in cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting as well as quality and taste in foodservice.

Instead of just one product for the professional customer, we offer a wide range of products designed to help you do your job and surpass expectations.

About Healthcare

Clorox markets some of the most trusted and recognized brand names for infection control professionals, including Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Wipes and Cleaners, DISPATCH® Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach Towels, Clorox Healthcare™ Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes and Cleaners, and Clorox® Broad Spectrum Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaners. These Clorox® products are fast-acting, EPA-registered, cleaner disinfectants intended for use by healthcare personnel on environmental surfaces and medical equipment to help reduce the spread of pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). With the acquisition of Caltech Industries, Clorox has become one of the leading providers of bleach disinfectants in more than 2,500 acute care facilities across the nation. With a deeper commitment to providing efficacious solutions to the healthcare industry, Clorox will continue to build upon its rich history of helping infection preventionists stop the spread of pathogens in their facilities.

Hospital Disinfection Solutions

About Cleaning & Maintenance

Clorox Professional Products Company offers a full line of established brands designed to address your workplace challenges. Our professional products include the industry's most recognized brand names, including Clorox® Germicidal Bleach, Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, Green Works® Cleaners and Pine-Sol® Cleaners. Whether it be offices, schools, hotels or any other commercial setting, we at Clorox are committed not only to understanding the ever-changing demands of your professional environment, but to developing solutions to help you excel in your business.

Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

About Foodservice

Clorox Professional Products Company offers foodservice professionals a wide range of innovative Food & Cleaning solutions from the brands your customers love. Serve up some of America's most popular flavors using our Recipe Database and products such as Hidden Valley® Dressings and Dipping Sauces; KC Masterpiece® Sauce; and Kingsford® Charcoal. Clorox® cleaning and paper products can help keep your restaurant spotless, offering everything from Clorox® Germicidal Bleach and Green Works® Manual Pot & Pan Dish Detergent to Glad® Food Storage and Trash products. We believe running a restaurant is about delighting patrons with great-tasting cuisine and maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness. You can trust Clorox to deliver both.

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