Cleaning & Maintenance


Our exceptional commercial cleaning solutions and disinfecting products meet
and exceed your high standards. They also provide a high return on your investment.

Go for a Complete Clean

Providing a high standard of cleanliness is your top priority. Our disinfecting, green, and heavy duty cleaning products combined with training tools, protocols and educational materials give you the complete package.


Our disinfecting sprays, wipes, aerosols and dilutables are EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces.

Disinfecting Products

Green Works® products deliver the powerful clean you expect from The Clorox Company, naturally.

Green Products
Heavy Duty

Make light work of tough jobs with a full lineup of heavy duty cleaners from Clorox Professional®.

Heavy Duty Cleaners

Science of Clean

From pathogen fact sheets to natural ingredient lists to head-to-head lab results, all of our product lines back up claims with proof.

Economics of Clean

Clorox Professional® products allow you to measure the positive impact on your bottom line—whether it's reducing time and costs, increasing employee satisfaction or reducing absenteeism.