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Excellent product efficacy. Trusted knowledge. Expert training. Clorox Healthcare is committed to helping you fight the spread of HAIs, with hospital cleaning and disinfecting solutions to meet your infection prevention needs.

Hydrogen Peroxide Single Wipes

Now with better surface compatibility and less residue. Same fast kill times on more than 40 microorganisms.

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Next-Generation Bleach Is Here

It kills C. difficile in 2 minutes, it’s low-odor, and it’s easy on surfaces. Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion™ Cleaner Disinfectant lets you use bleach more broadly to fight HAIs.

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Detecting and Debunking
UV Myths

Separate the spin from science-backed evidence and determine the best UV system for your facility.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Single Wipes

Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide Single Wipes

Next-Generation Bleach Is Here

Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion™ Cleaner Disinfectant

Detecting and Debunking <br />UV Myths

How to Select UV Room Treatment Technology

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Ready-To-Use Bleach

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Hand Sanitization

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Pathogen Education

Learn about how to prevent the spread of pathogens.

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HAI Prevention in High Risk Areas

Prevent the spread of pathogens in high risk areas of the hospital.

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Find webinars, CE credit courses and other informative resources on infection prevention.

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