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Cleaning and Infection Control Solutions for Your Facility

Clorox knows that you work hard to provide a clean and healthy environment for your residents. Count on us for bleach and non-bleach solutions to tackle your toughest cleaning challenges — whether it’s preventing outbreaks, removing urine odors and stains, or keeping surfaces stain-free.

Next-Generation Bleach Is Here

It kills C. difficile in 2 minutes, it’s low-odor, and it’s easy on surfaces. Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion™ Cleaner Disinfectant lets you use bleach more broadly to fight HAIs.

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Webinar: Preventing
C. difficile Outbreaks
in Long-Term Care

Learn why C. difficile is such a serious issue in long-term care facilities, how to take steps to prevent its spread, and how to mount an effective surface disinfection program.

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Kill Bacteria Three Times Faster Than Before with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes

Ten seconds is all it takes for Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to sanitize.

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Next-Generation Bleach Is Here

Clorox Healthcare® Fuzion™ Cleaner Disinfectant

Webinar: Preventing <br /><em>C. difficile</em> Outbreaks <br />in Long-Term Care

Webinar: Prevent C. diff Outbreaks
in LTC facilities

Kill Bacteria Three Times Faster Than Before with Clorox<sup>®</sup> Disinfecting Wipes

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