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Clorox Healthcare® Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution Bottles

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Clorox Healthcare® Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Solution Bottles
(4% CHG available in 4 oz.-128 oz.;
2% CHG available in 4 oz.)

Quick Facts

for Four Indications

  • Preoperative patient skin preparation
  • Surgical hand scrub
  • Healthcare personnel handwashing
  • General skin and wound cleanser

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Competitive Efficacy vs. Hibiclens 
for FDA-Approved Usage Occasions

Fast-Acting, Persistent and Effective

  • Kills pathogens quickly
  • CHG bonds with the skin, and has a persistent and residual antibacterial effect for up to six hours for patient preoperative preparation and surgical hand scrubbing
  • Effective against MRSA

Gentle for Patients and Staff

  • Does not contain red dye, which can stain fabrics
  • Formulated with surfactants to loosen and remove dirt and debris
  • 2% CHG formula has been shown to have less irritation potential than the leading competitive 4% CHG formula

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