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Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® System

The Power of Ultraviolet Technology—for Even Better,
More Comprehensive Surface Coverage in Hospitals

Successfully used by over 250 hospitals and four of the top five IDNs across the US.


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Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV
Enlight® System

Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight®

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Powerful ultraviolet technology together with smart data reporting ensures that you maximize your facility’s investment and get the efficacy you’re counting on.


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Key Product Features

Advanced Cloud Reporting & Analytics

  • Rooms and locations treated, enabling users to monitor device usage
  • Diagnostic data with automated alerts (e.g. broken lamp)
  • Automated reporting accessible in real time to registered users



Enhanced User Interface

  • Enables management of rooms, locations, and operators for reporting analytics
  • Large, easy-to-use color touchscreen, providing greater access to information
  • Enhanced data storage



Mobile Device App (IOS/Android)

  • Allows for remote cycle status and start-up
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to automatically download data to app
  • Uses cellular/wifi to upload data to cloud-based reporting



Cycle Completion Assurance Tools

  • Hard case accessory protects bulbs in transit and storage
  • Accessory case detaches into halves that can be used as free-standing door signs
  • Proprietary lamp socket ensures proper insertion
  • Dose Verify cards to ensure that the appropriate UV-C dose has been received on a target surface

Safety Enhancers

  • Polymer-encapsulated UV lamps for maximum safety
  • Four infrared motion sensors to prevent operation if people are present




Efficacy & Maneuverability

  • Four maximum-output ultraviolet lamps for strong UV-C intensity
  • Aluminum reflector mast designed for optimum UV-C energy distribution
  • Optimal height and width for hospital-room entrances
  • Lightweight for effortless movement




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