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Clorox Healthcare Optimum-UV System

The Power of Ultraviolet Technology – for Even Better,
More Comprehensive Surface Coverage in Hospitals

Clorox HealthcareTM Optimum-UVTM System

Quick Facts

With HAIs on the rise, you need a surface solution that's effective, high quality, and affordable

  • Optimal balance of (1) strong performance, (2) quality, user-friendly design and (3) affordability to enable hospital-wide adoption.
  • Delivers a programmed dose of UV-C light to inactivate pathogens on hospital surfaces.*
  • Comprehensive, bundled approach to environmental cleaning. Supplements routine manual cleaning and disinfection protocols.

* When incorporated with routine cleaning and disinfection protocols.


How It Works

Ultraviolet light kills microorganisms via short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C). The Clorox HealthcareTM Optimum-UVTM System produces germicidal UV-C at a wavelength of 254 nm, inactivating the microorganisms’ DNA.


Watch Video: How UV Works


A Closer Look at Ultraviolet Light

Strong Performance

  • Hospital-based application of UV-C on dangerous pathogens.*

  • Kills C. difficile and other HAI-causing pathogens.**

  • 4-log reduction of C. difficile spores in 5 minutes at 8 feet.

  • Greater than 5-log reduction of 7 pathogens in 5 minutes at 8 feet.


Results of Third-Party Laboratory Testing for Optimum-UV™ System Against Pathogens Listed Below

Log Reduction
Compared to Control

C. difficile (endospores)




Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)




Escherichia coli (E. coli)




Pseudomonas aeruginosa




Acinetobacter baumannii




Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE)








Klebsiella pneumoniae




Results verified by third-party laboratory. Test reports available upon request.

* Rutala W, et al. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. 2010;31:1025-1029.
** Based on third-party laboratory micro-efficacy data.

Quality, User-Friendly Design


Simple & easy to use:

  • Four 62" maximum-output ultraviolet lamps for strong UV intensity
  • Aluminum reflector mast designed for optimum UV-C energy distribution
  • Only 90 lbs for effortless movement
  • Easy and intuitive touch-screen operating system


  • Undergoes extensive testing to ensure durability within
    hospital environments


  • Polymer-encapsulated UV lamps for maximum safety
  • Four infrared motion sensors to prevent operation if people
    are present
  • Remote operating control with a range of 20 feet through walls

Watch Video: Optimum-UV™ Features and Benefits



  • Priced optimally, with end users in mind
  • Maximum-output UV-C lamps to deliver high performance at lower cost

A Winning Partnership


Clorox Healthcare has partnered with UVDI, a leader in ultraviolet technology, to bring the Optimum-UVTM System to market.

  • Trusted history: UVDI is a third-generation family-owned business with over 60 years of history in product design, development and manufacturing.

  • Commitment to quality and design: UVDI is ISO 9001-2008 certified and promotes a strong Six Sigma culture that permeates every manufacturing process and activity. The Optimum-UVTM System is an EPA registered device (EPA Est. No. 73542-CA-001).

  • Leadership in R&D and technology: UVDI has built one of the most comprehensive research, development and engineering capabilities in UV technology.

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Ebola and
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Florida Hospital Puts Patients First With Optimum-UVTM System

“We decided to…employ a
proactive, layered approach
to prevention as an additional
precaution for patient safety.”

 —Maria Cuccinello, infection
     prevention manager

Florida Hospital DeLand

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