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Ultra Clorox® Germicidal Bleach (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued.

Ultra Clorox® Germicidal Bleach
(6/96 fl. oz. & 3/182 fl. oz.)


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Read a few frequently asked questions
about Ultra Clorox® Germicidal Bleach

What is the difference between ppm of NaOCl and ppm of active chlorine?


NaOCl refers to the compound in CGB, which contains active chlorine. Active chlorine is the equivalent amount of chlorine in the NaOCl compound.

How much available chlorine is in a bottle of CGB at 6.15% NaOCl?


95% of available chlorine is present in a NaOCl solution. Therefore, 6.15% NaOCl * 95% will give 5.84% of available chlorine. When diluted 1:10, the final solution will have 0.584% of available chlorine.

Example 1: A bottle of CGB has 6.15% (or 61,500 ppm) NaOCl, when diluted 1:10, you obtain 6150 ppm of NaOCl, and 5842 ppm of available chlorine.

Example 2: At label strength, CGW contain 0.55% (or 5500 ppm) of NaOCl, since 95% of this is available chlorine, the active chlorine level is then 0.52%. 0.55% * 95% = 0.52%

What is the difference between active and available chlorine?


The two terms are interchangeable and refer to the equivalent amount of chlorine in a formula.

Does the amount of available chlorine change with pH?


No, only the chlorine species changes (acidic solutions favor HOCl-hypochlorous acid, alkaline solutions favor OCl-hypochlorite).

What does the CDC recommend to inactivate C. difficile spores?


Use of diluted hypochlorite should be considered in units with high C. difficile rates. Acidified bleach and regular bleach (5000 ppm chlorine) can inactivate 106 C. difficile spores in less than 10 minutes. (

Do non-registered bleach products contain the same level of NaOCl as CGB?


Non-registered products often do not disclose their concentration. And while some do disclose their NaOCl concentration, it is often at 2.7%, which when diluted 1:10, results in 2700 ppm of NaOCl, which is below the level recommended by the CDC for C. difficile spore inactivation.

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